Hey there and welcome to the Beer Merchants Tap, what we think is the best craft beer bar (or pub) in London.

We the physical manifestation of Beermerchants.com, an online craft beer shop with over 1,000 beer live at any time. That means we take our beer exceptionally seriously, both in what we buy and how we look after and serve it. On top of that we try to offer the best service and buying advice in London, with really passionate bar staff and some of the most experienced and knowledgeable beer experts working behind the scenes.

If you’re a serious beer nerd you might know that we intend to make our own lambic-style sour beers in the second room of the Tap. While we don’t have any concrete updates yet, we hope this project will be underway before the end of the year.

On top of being London’s best craft beer bar, we wanted to make it one of the best pubs. To that end we’ve made our renovated warehouse a really comfortable place with lots of seating, plenty of space and all kinds of options for those not as in love with beer as us – we serve small batch wine, cider and spirits, crafty soft drinkers and filter coffee while serving amazing artisan cheese and meat boards.

It’s a lot to take in, so we thought we’d answer some of the most frequently asked questions in this introductory blog!

Do you only serve craft beer?

That depends on your definition. We focus on small, independent breweries who make incredible beer. Some of the beers we buy are not entirely independent, and some of them aren’t that small, but if they make great beer and we agree with their business ethics, they all get a shot at pouring in our bar. 

If you’re asking because you after something a bit less heady and intense than many craft beers, then with 500 different beers and 22 taps we will something for you, whether it’s a brilliant lager, a really approachable pale ale or, god forbid, not beer.

Do you serve wine, cider, spirits or soft drinks?

Indeed we do! We have a small but perfectly formed selection of small batch wine, spirits, cider and soft drinks and serve filter coffee throughout the day.

What are your opening times?

We’re open every day from 10am, closing at 11.30pm Mon-Thur; 12pm Fri-Sat; and 10pm on Sundays

Can I book a table?

Absolutely, though you must be a part of 6 or more and we only take bookings for up to 25% of our seating to allow for walk-ins. If you’ve got a big event or party in mind that’s different! Drop us an email as we have lots of spaces and ideas.

Are you dog friendly?

We are SO dog friendly. We have bowls, biscuits and a lot of love to give your furry friends.

Are you child friendly?

Absolutely, although the pub does get busy on weekend evenings so we think parental advisory is required there.

I am a football fan. Can I come drink at the Tap on match days?

You can indeed! We welcome everyone.

When will the Good Company Blendery start producing beer?

Well that is a very good question. We hope to have everything installed by the end o the yea, and will release some small batches of beer by Summer 2019.