Orval Day 2018 at the BMT 24.03.18

Is there another beer in the world as revered as Orval? It’s a beer you can recognise just by its silhouette, or just by its aroma, and certainly just by its taste. Well, we’re about to offer you a taste of it as you have never experienced it before.

Made under the supervision of monks at Orval Abbey in Belgium, it is best described as a Belgian Pale Ale, given a twist by dry hopping with zesty European hops and the addition of brett yeast, a wild microbe that adds a unique, cider and sherbet edge to the beer. But the most magical thing about the beer is how it ages. It is often said that brett will eat anything and in the cellar it slowly eats the sugar in the beer, twisting that cider edge into deep, barnyard funk reminiscent of the lambic beers of the Pjottenland. Aged Orval is treasured by beer geeks like us, which is why we have been ageing bottles for many years.

On Saturday 24th March, we’ll release three different ages of Orval. One is fresh as it comes, another aged for 9 months in our cellars, and another just shy of 3 years old. Right now they are locked away, but we’ll give you the opportunity to taste them together, seeing how this incredible, unique beer changes over time with our beer experts on hand for any questions you might have. On top of that, we’ll give you a bowl of the beer-washed cheese made at the Monastery with EVERY bottle you buy – while stocks last.

So join us from midday on 24th March for a day of brilliant Belgian beer and cheese. If you can’t make it, fresh Orval is still available on any day in the Tap, or at beermerchants.com.